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All-Tool-Mate™ Core Tools -

Our All-Tool-Mate™ Kits are pre-configured to provide popular installation tool combinations used in professional low-voltage wire and cable installation applications. These Kits provide a convenient and money saving solution for updating your tools or provisioning new installation vehicles in your fleet. Purchasing a kit will save you up to 20% off the price of the same tools when priced individually. You can find detailed descriptions of each tool using the part name and page number reference following each tool listing. The All-Tool-Mate™ Kits are available in four different configurations, each having the All-Tool-Mate™ Core Tools shown below plus additional tools as listed under the description of each kit configuration.

All-Tool-Mate™ Core Tools:

• Multi-scanner Pro Stud Sensor (part no. 57-112,)

• Grabbit™ 18ft. Fiberglass Telescoping Pole (part no. 82-118)

• Rubber end caps for Grabbit™ pole sections (allows you to create shorter poles using Grabbit sections)

• 4ft. Luminous Push/Pull Rod (part no. 84-214)

• Wet Noodle and Retrieval Kit (part no. 85-124)

• 10-Pack of Reference Bits (part no. 84-547)

• 6ft. Extension for 3/16" Shaft (part no. 61-516)

• 6ft. Extension for 1/4" Shaft (part no. 61-526)

• Directional Tool for Flexible Extensions (part no. 61-000)

• All-Tool-Mate™ Ballistic Nylon Organizer Case (part no. 52-400

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