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Identify-Zit™ - One-Person Multi-Line Identifier

The Identify-Zit™ multifunction wire identifier is a simple to use troubleshooting tool designed for the high density installer or systems contractor who does not always have an assistant or helper on site. This tool can identify up to 32 different wire runs at the same time, without the need for a two man crew. Simply attach the appropriate Identify-Zit™ Cap (BNC, F, RJ-11, RJ-45, etc.) to one end of each wire run (up to 32 runs) and attach the “decoder” to the opposite end and the number on the cap will appear on the decoder display screen. The Identify-Zit also checks for continuity and will display “CC” (for closed circuit) if there is a “shorted” connection, “OC” for a failed connection/open circuit, or “OO” if there is too much resistance on the line. The Identify-Zit™ Identifier saves enormous time, particularly when testing multi-line high density panel or rack installations. /n The Identify-Zit™ Identifier comes pre-packaged in a protective hard case in one of five different base applications: (1) Wire; (2) Coax; (3) BNC; (4) Telephone; or (5) CAT-5. In each base application, the kit can be ordered with either 8, 16, 24 or 32 caps for that specific application. For maximum versatility, order your base kit in the application you install most. Order additional caps for other applications so that you can use your Identify-Zit™ Identifier in all your installation jobs. All kits come with IDZ Decoder.

Product Hi-Lite
Tests all your lines in one operation!

The Identify-Zit™ Identifier Caps are available individually in the following applications:

  • Wire (alligator clips for AC or exposed pair wires);
  • Coax (F-Connectors);
  • BNC (for CCTV connectors);
  • Telephone (RJ-11 connectors);
  • CAT-5 (RJ-45 type eight wire connectors)
Where To Buy
Wire Model Name Part No:

Identify-Zit for Wire - 8 Caps

IDZAC8 57-708

Identify-Zit for Wire - 16 Caps

IDZAC16 57-716

Identify-Zit for Wire - 24 Caps

IDZAC24 57-724

Identify-Zit for Wire - 32 Caps

IDZAC32 57-732
Coax Model Name Part No:

Identify-Zit for Coax - 8 Caps

IDZFC8 57-808

Identify-Zit for Coax - 16 Caps

IDZFC16 57-816

Identify-Zit for Coax - 24 Caps

IDZFC24 57-824

Identify-Zit for Coax - 32 Caps

IDZFC32 57-832
BNC Model Name Part No:

Identify-Zit for BNC - 8 Caps

IDZBNC8 57-908

Identify-Zit for BNC - 16 Caps

IDZBNC16 57-916

Identify-Zit for BNC - 24 Caps

IDZBNC24 57-924

Identify-Zit for BNC - 32 Caps

IDZBNC32 57-932
Telephone Model Name Part No:

Identify-Zit for Telephone - 8 Caps

IDZRJ118 57-508

Identify-Zit for Telephone - 16 Caps

IDZRJ1116 57-516

Identify-Zit for Telephone - 24 Caps

IDZRJ1124 57-524

Identify-Zit for Telephone - 32 Caps

IDZRJ1132 57-532
Cats Model Name Part No:

Identify-Zit for CAT5 - 8 Caps

IDZC58 57-308

Identify-Zit for CAT5 - 16 Caps

IDZC516 57-316

Identify-Zit for CAT5 - 24 Caps

IDZC524 57-324

Identify-Zit for CAT5 - 32 Caps

IDZC532 57-332
Individual Identifier Adapters: Model Name Part No:

IDZ FC to AC adapter

IDZFC-ACa 57-840

IDZ FC to BNC adapter

IDZFC-BNCa 57-841

IDZ FC to RJ11 adapter

IDZFC-RJ11a 57-550

IDZ FC to C5 adapter

IDZFC-C5a 57-350