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Automatic Center Punch -

Create a Starter Dimple with One Hand


This one-handed tool will center punch a starter dimple in wood, metal, plastic or other materials to save time with starting fasteners or drilling holes. The main body of the Automatic Center Punch is constructed of blue anodized aircraft grade aluminum and the punch tip is made of hardened steel. Includes a pocket clip attachment so that it is always with you.

Be accurate the first time! The Automatic Center Punch tool can save time and frustration with starting fasteners or drilling holes. If necessary, the steel tip can be re-sharpened (use table mounted grinder or, in the field re-sharpen with a drill mounted grinding wheel or Dremmel tool).

Product Hi-Lite
Use the Automatic Center Punch to make screw starter dimples for panels, switches, almost anything!

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Automatic Center Punch

ACP-55 53-300