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Dual Bladed Hole Cutter
Dual Bladed Hole Cutter - DBHC-10
  • Cuts from 2.25” up to 10” holes
  • Simple assembly, easier to use than traditional speaker hole cutters
  • No counter weights to fight with which reduces vibration for ease of use
  • Two separate cutting heads offer cleaner cut, two additional replacement blades also included with case
  • Easier blade adjustment and round bowl design for easier clean-up

This versatile and convenient hole cutter enables the professional installer to cut variable size holes with speed, efficiency and minimal clean up. Perfect for cutting multiple speaker or recessed lighting holes, this tool will save you hours of installation time.  Simply adjust the hole cutting blade to the desired hole size, mark the desired location of the hole and go to work. A built-in pilot bit enters the target material and centers the cutter in the desired position while the dust tray encloses the cutting arena.  Capture the cutting debris as you cut – no more dust cloud with debris everywhere! 

Installer Tip:

Use the Hole Cutter on finished or unfinished drywall.  When working with wall paper or walls that have been painted several times, we suggest back-scoring the hole first by putting your drill in reverse and slowly  running the cutting blade counter clockwise a couple of revolutions.  This will gently slice the surface on the wall or ceiling with the sharp edge of the cutter bit. Then, use the cutter in the forward, clock wise direction to complete the hole. This will greatly reduce the risk of tearing or ripping the surface cover and will leave a very clean edge on the hole. Also, as with all professional grade tools, maintenance is necessary to ensure proper performance. Clean the tool often by removing dust and debris and lightly surface oil the plates and shaft. 

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Dual Bladed Hole Cutter

DBHC10 56-015